Course Description

Medical Transcription requires scientific skills and knowledge on regulations and specific requirements for different documents in this field.
The main role of medical writers is to create well written documents and manuscripts as per standard formats, compliant to regulatory standards for approval of new clinical trials, drugs and medical devices.
Understanding and analyzing the gap in academics with that of practical profession this course has been designed to act as bridge in connecting the job seekers and industry.

Unique Service Point (USP)

The field of Medical Transcription is growing steadily and offering number of job opportunities in pharmaceutical, health care organizations.

Who is Medical Writer?

A medical writer is someone who writes about medicine. Not only that, but a medical writer can write about complex topics in such a way that scientists with no background in the topic (and even non-technical readers) can understand it. Some medical writers write for the public, others write for health professionals, and others write documents for regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Who created our courses?

Each of our courses were developed by experienced medical writers and they reflect the most current knowledge and information in the industry.

What is the course duration?

All of our courses are self-paced and there is no deadline to complete them. Some students complete them in a few days and others take a few weeks. Depending on the course you enroll in there may be more or less material to study.

  • Module 1- Introduction to Medical Transcription and Healthcare Communication
  • Module 2- The Writing Process
  • Module 3- Researching for the content
  • Module 4- Copyrights and Plagiarism
  • Module 5- Basic Rules of Writing
  • Module 6- Consumer writing
  • Module 7- Scientific Writing
  • Module 8- Regulatory writing/Clinical trial writing
  • Module 9- Medico-marketing writing
  • Module 10- Social media writing/Digital marketing for healthcare professionals
  • Module 11- Email Writing/Business Communication