Course description

Today, IT is one of the labor intensive industries leading to more scope of automation. The demand for RPA is booming as RPA marketing is increasing in the industry. RPA adoption has grown exponentially during last 2-3 years. There is no doubt in denying the fact that major share of employment opportunities in the world will be created in the field of RPA.

Unique SErvice Point(USP)

It is a non-invasive Technology and It can be override on existing systems allowing creation of a platform to introduce more sophisticated algorithm and mechine-learning tools.

What is RPA?

RPA as the name suggests, enables us to automate processes. These robots are the software which enables us to create process flow programs and business objects, which are then deployed to virtual machines.

What is the RPA course duration?

Course Duration – 45 Days
Robotics Process Automation is just simply called as RPA is a most emerging field that refers to sophisticated computer software to automate rule-based processes without any need of constant human supervision. It helps mainly in simplifying work, collect valuable data on such works to drive continuous improvement to boost Organizational revenues.

What is the future Strategy in RPA ?

RPA is still in early stage and many big organisation are in study phase, there are many areas like banking, accounting and insurance where RPA can be proved as Gold Rush for these organizations. All of these sectors are looking for cost effective solution, faster and lesser error prone process. As many of vendor are now in mature stage of their tools, these sectors are working on trial. Many of big companies have partnered with above mentioned vendors and working on implementing RPA in few sectors now. If we will see the trend of interest on RPA below, we can see how it is taking momentum in US and India Some examples of its current application include: Invoice processing, accounts payable, travel and expenses, claims processing, payroll input and change of address & name etc.

1.Blue Prism

  • Creating Blue Prism      applications
  • Managing Blue Prism      applications
  • Control room & System      Manager
  • Securing Blue Prism      applications
  • 2.UIPath Automation

  • UIPath Studio
  • Workflow Designer
  • Activities in UIPath      Studio
  • 3.Automation Anywhere

  • Introduction to      Automation Anywhere
  • Dashboard in Automation      Anywhere
  • Integrate PDF
  • Implement Web Services
  • Adding Metabot
  • Folders to Metabot
  • Commands Categories